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Draw in buyers specific to your listing with targeted social media marketing

Through targeted social media marketing we are able to connect you with buyers and draw traction to your property. Using social media adverts, we unlock the ability to reach clientele specific to your listing. This means more offers and less time waiting for your home to sell. Applications such as Facebook and Instagram are all resident to communities of people interested in buying and selling real estate. With posts directed towards your ideal buyer, selling your house has never been easier. The use of social media to market your home is essential in today’s digital world!

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Our website challenges the competition, reaching customers from everywhere

Our website has been developed to include the latest and greatest. We are now able to reach customers from all platforms at any time. Interaction with buyers has never been more efficient. From text, e-mail, chat, and call our website does it all! It is so important that our website stays up to date with industry trends. Customers are now able to search from any device for homes, to receive advice, and read the latest happenings, with our state of the art website. As some of the top real estate agents in Winnipeg it’s our mission to stay on trend.

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Web & Mobile

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Professional Videos

Showcase your property


Showcase the details and wow-factors of your home through a professional video

In getting a professional video of your home done, you encapsulate all your property has to offer through a sleek series of clips. These videos can be used to promote your home and increase interest towards your listing. This is a great way to show off your house without buyers visiting in person. Incorporating video is a great way to set your listing apart from any competition. Through video, we are able to market your home in a way that generates results. No matter your property, a stylish video is sure to attract sizable offers. 

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Capture the attention of your ideal buyer with professional photographs of your property

Nothing says quality so much as professionally done real estate photos. In going with an experienced photographer to display the details of your property, we are able to create a sleek and tidy face for your listing. Representing what your property has to offer is a sure way to increase viewership and draw in new buyers. These images provide more marketing material to build the presence of your listing and attract an online audience. Your property will exude professionalism through a series of polished photographs that capture the true beauty of your home.

It’s time for your home’s close up – reach out to us today if you’re interested in getting professional photos of your property.

Professional Photos

Stand above the Crowd

Detailed Floorplans

Efficient for today


No room left behind with a detailed floor plan

As a buyer, it can be tricky to figure out how a home flows from a few photographs. With the development of virtual tour technology, we are able to create a floor plan that accurately represents the layout of your home. This is especially beneficial if you’re unable to locate the original plan, or the floor plan has changed since being built. Either way, with such advantageous programs we are able to help you showcase your home clearly and concisely. The data collected through these applications allows us to build virtual tours; making it possible for potential buyers to digitally walk through your home. 

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Highlight the best of your property with a luxury feature sheet

After a showing concludes, sending the viewer(s) home with a luxury feature sheet is a great way to keep your listing on their mind. It allows them to recall the best parts of your home, which increases your chances of receiving an offer. It’s glossy front speaks to the beauty of your home and ensures your house stays unique to the buyer. Our feature sheets are specially designed to guarantee a lasting impression! 

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Marketing Analysis

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A thorough report on the market condition to ensure a quick turnaround

As experienced real estate professionals, we are knowledgeable on how the market affects your listing’s success. Through years of practice and refinement, we are able to provide an accurate report on the condition of the market in order to properly price and advertise your home for sale. This method helps us assure you that your property will sell promptly, rather than becoming stale on the market. Our in-depth market analysis provides us with the numbers to guarantee your listing sells at a fair price. 

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