Real Estate in Birchwood

birchwood st james neighbourhood in winnipeg

Buying a home in St. James may seem overwhelming at first. With so many subareas, it can be hard to choose the right place to invest in a home. To help you get a better sense of the different area in St. James, we have written a short overview of each sub-neighbourhood. In this article we will be focusing on real estate in Birchwood. This quiet area is located right on the Assiniboine River and has excellent access to essential services. Birchwood has long been a resident-favourite location for families. Follow along below to learn more about real estate in Birchwood!

All About Real Estate in Birchwood

birchwood neighbourhood in st james winnipeg

Birchwood is located between Silver Heights and Woodhaven, in the St. James area. This sub-neighbourhood is bordered to the north by Portage Avenue and to the South by the Assiniboine River. Unfortunately, unlike other areas in St. James this neighbourhood is not ideal for those who need to commute by public transit. There a minimal bus stops and service is relatively infrequent. However, for those travelling by car, commuting is a breeze. With such easy access to Portage Avenue, getting to and from your daily destinations is not a challenge. It is worth noting that Birchwood is relatively walkable as most basic necessities can be acquired on foot.  

Buyers with school-aged children looking to purchase a home in Birchwood will love the selection of schooling and daycare options in the neighbourhood. A short drive will land you at a variety of different learning institutes perfect for your child. For instance, the Lincoln Middle School, Robert Browning Elementary School, Jameswood Community School, Bannatyne School, the Shaftesbury High School and so many others. This neighborhood offers a diverse selection of educational options, including private and public schools as well as denominational and non-denominational institutions. Apart from schools, homeowners of Birchwood also have good access to chain restaurants, popular grocers, and department stores. Some of which include the Keg Steakhouse, Shoppers Drug Mart, Boston Pizza, and Superstore.  

Birchwood boasts an abundance of greenspaces and parks, making it a peaceful and calm neighborhood. The area is known for its proximity to the river and numerous parks perfect for kids. Additionally, Birchwood is a haven for golf enthusiasts, with several golf courses nearby offering various amenities. The golf courses near Birchwood include Glendale Gold and Country Club, St. Charles Country Club, Tuxedo Golf Club, and the Assiniboine Golf Club. 

Birchwood Real Estate

In Birchwood, 57% of dwellings are large apartment buildings, while 33% are single-family homes. This neighborhood offers a variety of property types, from lofts to homes with four or more bedrooms. About 70% of the properties are renter-occupied, with the remaining 30% being owner-occupied. Many of the buildings are relatively old, with nearly half constructed in the 1960s and 1970s and many others built prior to 1960. The average household income in Birchwood is just over $77,000, while the average individual income is about $33,000. Additionally, 67% of residents choose to travel by car.

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