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Brooklands is an older neighbourhood in Winnipeg that is filled with character. This area has plenty of in-demand amenities like schools and parkland. Brooklands real estate is walkable and features some shops, restaurants, and cafes. Residents who live in the area enjoy the quiet streets and family-friendly community. Moreover, this neighbourhood has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. Working-class individuals arrived in Brooklands to work on the CPR’s Weston yards and shop. For more information on the Brooklands neighbourhood, continue reading below! 

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Fall in love with Brooklands character and high-quality education.

Brooklands is located right next to the Red River College campus. This old-school neighbourhood is in the northwest end of Winnipeg near Highway 90. The close proximity to the college and downtown makes this area appealing to homebuyers. Many homeowners in the area are drawn to Brooklands because of the great educational opportunity. The area is rated eight out of ten for high school education and ten out of ten for elementary education.

Moreover, there are plenty of parks and green spaces within Brooklands. For instance, Blue Bird Park, Brookland school and park, Lismore Park, Pacific Dee Park, and Woodsworth Park. All of these are located less than 20-minutes away from the houses in Brooklands. Visit one of Brooklands’ parks for a picnic or an afternoon walk. 

Brooklands has a number of community amenities for residents to take advantage of. For instance, there are six schools, five daycares and five grocery stores. In addition to this, there are a few cafes, some restaurants, and places to shop. Moreover, the Brooklands area is only a 15-minute car ride and a 30-minute bus ride from downtown Winnipeg! For those who work in the downtown core, this means significantly less time in the car. Also, Brooklands is only a 2-minute drive and 10-minute walk to the Red River College campus.  

Transportation in Brooklands can easily be done by car or by foot. The grocery stores in Brooklands can be walked to. However, larger errands will likely require the use of a car. Unfortunately, public transit in Brooklands isn’t the best. Although, there are some bus stops and lines that run through the area. Contrastingly, Brooklands is very accessible for cars and parking is always available.

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Brooklands real estate is owned by a range of different people. However, the most common age group living in Brooklands is between 20 and 34 years old. This is largely because of the close proximity to Red River College. Additionally, properties in Brooklands are mostly detached single-family homes. The vast majority of these houses were constructed prior to 1960 when the area had its biggest housing boom. The area attracts many new and young families because of the large presence of daycare and elementary schools. Furthermore, the average household income of residents in Brooklands is roughly $64,000 Continue scrolling down to see some of the most recent Brooklands real estate listings. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about a property! 








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