Real Estate in Kirkfield

If you’re looking to buy a home in St. James, you may be overwhelmed trying to decide on a sub-area. To help you narrow your search, we’ve written a brief overview of each sub-area of St. James. In this article, we will be focusing on real estate in Kirkfield! This neighbourhood is incredibly charming and slow-paced. It is also very convenient for running errands or spending an afternoon in the park! If this sounds like the ideal neighbourhood for you, continue reading below to learn more about real estate in Kirkfield.

Why Choose Real Estate in Kirkfield?

Real estate in Kirkfiled is full of charm and perfect for those who want to settle down in a quiet area. This area of Winnipeg tends to be very calm since there is minimal traffic and lots of green spaces. Residents in Kirkfield often enjoy taking strolls in the many parks like Pinehurst. Nearly all residences in Kirkfield are within walking distance of a park or greenspace, making it easy to get outside and enjoy the outdoors! Plus, if you love golfing, you’ll be happy to discover that Kirkfield is home to the renowned St. Charles Country Club! This course has been part of the Winnipeg culture for over a century and played by some of the world’s best. 

Besides parks and the charming atmosphere, Kirkfield is also very convenient. Although driving is the preferred method of transportation, this neighbourhood is amenity-rich. Most homeowners are able to access basic services like grocery stores, pharmacies, schools, and workplaces within a few minutes’ drive. Unfortunately, like many other neighbourhoods in Winnipeg, public transit users have limited options. With this being said, there are still a few bus lines that run through the area and the nearest stop is always within walking distance. Walking is not preferable in Kirkfield, however, most daily needs can be met on foot. 


Kirkfield Real Estate

Most homes in the Kirkfield area are single detached homes, while the rest of the dwellings consist of large apartment buildings. Whether you are looking to house your family or just yourself, there are several housing options available—for instance, lofts, one-bedroom apartments and even four-bedroom houses. Nearly two-thirds of the population in Kirkfield own their home, while the latter third are renters. Most construction in Kirkfield took place from the 1960s to the 1980s, so buyers can expect that most listings will be from this period. 

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