Neighbourhoods in Winnipeg :: A Recap of the Local Communities we Featured in 2022!

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December is here and 2022 is coming to a close. In lieu of this, we decided to end this year’s content with a recap of all of the neighbourhoods in Winnipeg that we looked at in 2022. Over the last year, we took a deep dive into eleven different neighbourhoods and provided you with stats, general information, and helpful hints about each area. If you missed any of these articles, now is your chance to get caught up. Especially, if you are an eager buyer who wants to purchase a home in Winnipeg in 2023!

Follow along below as we provide a summary of all of the different neighbourhoods we wrote about in 2022.

A Look Back on Neighborhoods in Winnipeg.

Over the course of 2022, we wrote about eleven different neighbourhoods in Winnipeg. Each of these neighbourhoods can be seen on our website on the neighbourhoods page. By using the map, you can click through all of the various neighbourhoods and read a small article that goes over the characteristics of each area. For example, where to find good restaurants, housing statistics, housing types, major amenities, demographics, appearance, job opportunities, etc.

Every article is unique to the area and provides special insight into the neighbourhood. 

A Quick Recap:

During 2022, we focused on the following neighbourhoods in Winnipeg:

January – West Kildonan/Garden City

Read more about West Kildonan/Garden City – a multicultural neighbourhood with a  reputation for safety and quaint charm. 

February – Headingly

Headingly is the perfect balance between rural and urban. Read more about this fun-filled neighbourhood. 

March – Tuxedo

Elegance is written into the name of this luxurious Winnipeg neighbourhood. Learn more about Tuxedo real estate, here.

April – Transcona

Read more about Transcona—a family-forward neighbourhood with prairie views and an abundance of charm.

May – Downtown Winnipeg

For those who love the hustle and bustle of the city’s core, discover the diversity of Downtown Winnipeg, here. 

June – The North End

Historic charm is part and parcel of The North End’s charm. Find out more about real estate in the North End in Winnipeg. 

July – Richmond

Calling all hipsters! Richmond is the most funkiest area in all of Winnipeg and is great for students attending U of M. Learn more about Richmond. 

August – Brooklands

Brooklands is home to sublime educational opportunities and great parkland. Discover Brooklands. 

September – St. Boniface

The French population is the backbone of St. Boniface’s character. Learn more about this culture-rich neighbourhood. 

October – East St. Paul

For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, this one is for you. Check out East. St Paul for a tranquil prairie escape. 

November – The Maples

Accessibility and family are at the forefront of the Maples’ design. Learn more about this area. 

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