Winter selling tips from your top Winnipeg Realtor

Any realtor in Winnipeg knows how bad the winters can get here, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to sell your home. Real estate tends to be slower this time of year, but there are still people looking, so make sure to follow these steps to help sell your home or condo in Winnipeg this winter

realtor winnipegShovel and de-ice driveways and walkways
As we all know quite well here in Winnipeg, the colder temperatures bring snow and ice. The exterior of your home will become blanketed with snow and ice during the winter, and since the exterior is the first thing people see when pulling up to your home, you’ll want it looking its best. Make sure you shovel the driveway, and any walkways up to your home. You also want your viewers to get to your front door safely, so make sure to de-ice the driveway and walkway.

Clean snow and ice off windows
Snow can also accumulate on your window sills around your home, so make sure you brush them off so that people can see the views easily from inside and outside the home.

Brighten up the place
Since the clocks are turned back, and days get darker earlier, it is important to make sure your home is as bright as possible. Make sure all lights inside your home are turned on, so that there are no dark corners of the home. It’s also a good idea to illuminate the outside of your home, so that anyway coming later in the day can still see the exterior of the home. This also helps people get to your front door safely.

realtor winnipegA warm and cozy experience
Winnipeg winters can get unbearably cold, and when people are viewing homes with a realtor, they’ll want to warm up when entering a home. You’ll want to have the heat going at a nice warm temperature, and if you have a wood or gas fireplace, make sure it is running. A fireplace can really help set the tone when viewing a home in the winter, and can help the viewer imagine themselves living there.

These are just a few things you can do to get your home ready for sale this winter. For more information about Winnipeg and your real estate needs, contact the best realtor in Winnipeg, Kevin Moist today!