3 reasons to buy a condo

These days people are looking at condos for sale Winnipeg over houses, and there are reasons for that decision. In this article we are going to break down 3 reasons why you should buy a condo.

mls winnipeg,condos for sale winnipeg,winnipeg mlsNo yard maintenance
This is one of the biggest appeals of owning a condo over a house, there is no yard maintenance required by you. Your monthly strata fees take care of all maintenance including mowing the lawn, trimming the shrubs, raking leaves, shoveling snow, etc. This is especially beneficial for seniors or people with mobility issues. For this reasons alone, you should be looking at MLS Winnipeg for condos on the market.

Cheaper than buying a house
This of course depends on if you’re comparing a condo to a smaller house, the price of real estate in the area, and the market. But condos are generally cheaper than buying a house, and statistically single-family detached homes have gone down in value faster than condos.

mls winnipeg,condos for sale winnipeg,winnipeg mlsA sense of community
Of course this can be the same with owning a house in a tight neighbourhood or townhouse community, but condo owners normally live in closer proximity to their neighbours than most other living situations. But it is important to keep I mind that you can’t choose who you live next to, and you may not get along with everyone in the building.

There are many other reasons to buy condos for sale Winnipeg, so when doing your research on the Winnipeg MLS market, contact Kevin Moist today!