Best tips for selling condos for sale in Winnipeg

Selling condos for sale Winnipeg is quite different than selling single family homes, and there are some very important tips you need to know about when trying to sell your condo.

The selling process
The first big mistake some people will make is thinking the process of selling a condo is the same as selling a house. The first tip in this list is learning the process of selling a condo, so that you know what is going on throughout the selling process. Instead of being left in the dark, you will learn things like how long it takes to sell a condo, the listing price, and how to prepare your condo for sale. You can also ask your Winnipeg realtor about these things if you’re unsure.

Realtor Winnipeg,Condos for Sale Winnipeg,Winnipeg MLSHiring the right agent
Another big mistake people make is hiring an agent that has very little to no experience selling a condo. When selling condos for sale Winnipeg, it is crucial you hire a realtor who is an expert in selling condos, and has a large portfolio of sold condo listings. These expert agents will know exactly how to price the condo and the best way to market the condo.

Preparing your condo for sale
Typically the first 2 weeks on the market is when your condo is going to get the most traffic, and will be the first impression potential buyers are going to get, so make sure you are prepared and your condo is ready. Make sure the condo is thoroughly cleaned and staged with either your own furniture, or furniture brought in by your agent or the stager you have hired. A messy condo is sure to turn away potential buyers on the Winnipeg MLS market.

Realtor Winnipeg,Condos for Sale Winnipeg,Winnipeg MLSGetting ready for the move
As mentioned above it is a good idea to stage your condo so that it is clean and looks great for people viewing the condo, and this is also a good opportunity to start packing. When you’re trying to clean and organize your condo for viewings, you can use this a good time to start packing and decluttering the space. This also helps to reduce stress throughout the whole process, as the last thing you’ll want to do is rush and pack everything in one or two days, once the condo is sold. Speak to your Winnipeg realtor on what tips they can provide for this step.

These are just a few important tips to when selling condos for sale in Winnipeg. For more information on condos for sale in Winnipeg contact Kevin Moist today!