Tips for an easy closing sale

If you’re ready this article you are likely close to closing the sale on your home, but it is always good to be prepared to make sure everything goes on without a hitch. Here are some tips on how to make this process much easier for you.

Maintenance Contracts
Are there currently maintenance contracts on the home? If so, you will want to make sure you know what happens once the sale has closed. Things like can the maintenance contract be transferred to the new owner, or if you can get a refund on any of the unused portions.

Realtor Winnipeg,Condos for Sale Winnipeg,Winnipeg MLSHiring and Scheduling Movers
Hiring and scheduling movers in advance can make this so much easier, especially if you’re still living in the home after the sale has closed. Make sure you have a plan in place whether you’re going to hire a moving company or if you plan to do it yourself.

Required Signatures
Make sure you find out who all needs to sign the contracts and whether or not anyone else besides you, needs to sign. Even if your spouse isn’t attached to the deed or mortgage, they may still have to sign the documents.

Realtor Winnipeg,Condos for Sale Winnipeg,Winnipeg MLSAttending the Closing
There are a few decisions to be made here like, will you be attending the closing of the sale, or will you be giving someone like your lawyer or realtor Winnipeg power of attorney. If you are going to attend you’ll want to ensure you have all documentation needed, as well as identification. This is something you will need to plan weeks before closing.

These are just a few important tips to make the closing of condos for sale in Winnipeg and any Winnipeg MLS listings for sale. For more information on condos for sale in Winnipeg contact Kevin Moist today!