5 ways to improve your condo for sale in Winnipeg

If you’re looking to improve your home and get your condos for sale Winnipeg ready to list, there are many renovations you can do to help. Buyers like to have updated features without having to do it themselves, so here are 5 ways to improve your condo for sale in Winnipeg.

Realtor Winnipeg,Condos for Sale Winnipeg,Winnipeg MLSUpdate the flooring
Because condo buildings have units stacked on top of each other they generally come with pre-installed carpet to help reduce noise, but these days most buyers don’t like wall to wall carpet. They will likely replace some of the carpet with hardwood or tile, so do this before listing the condo and this will help push them to purchase your condo for sale in Winnipeg as the work is already done.

When buyers are looking around at condos for sale Winnipeg they are going to pay special attention to the appliances, and will likely go towards a condo that has updated appliances throughout. If your dishwasher or washing machine is making noises, you will want to replace those. Also keep in mind that most buyers are looking for stainless steel appliances, especially in the kitchen. Once you have upgraded your appliances you take the hassle away from the buyer and can also add them to your listings feature sheet.

Realtor Winnipeg,Condos for Sale Winnipeg,Winnipeg MLSCounter Space
Since condos are smaller there is limited counter space in the kitchen, so you’ll want to do whatever you can to create more space in the kitchen. When people are looking for condos for sale in Winnipeg, the first thing they notice is the kitchen and the counters. If your counters are out of date or damaged, it is a good idea to replace the counter top to something more modern like granite or quartz.

Storage closets and units in condos are very important to potential buyers. Because condos have limited space, they also have limited storage. Look at the state of your closets and storage areas now and see if they’re functional. You can make upgrades to them like built-in shelves, pull out drawers, show racks, etc. These little upgrades will help to maximize the space of your storage areas.

Doors and Handles
You will also want to look into replacing door handles and locks, and maybe the door all together. If your condo has been rented out to multiple tenants throughout the years, the doors and handles have likely not been taken as well care of. If the door has dents and paint chips, and the handle and locks appear old and used, you may want to consider replacing everything. It may not seem as important, but the door to a condo is literally the first thing a potential buyer sees before entering your condo.

These are just a few renovation tips when selling condos for sale in Winnipeg and any Winnipeg MLS listings for sale. For more information on condos for sale in Winnipeg contact Kevin Moist today!